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PSYMETRY is a video game developed by an individual, not a corporation, so there's no corporate suits telling me to figure out ways to siphon money out of players by adding addictive loot gambling schemes. This is a labor of love from a fan of old-school classic FPS action games made specifically for fellow fans of classic FPS games.

With your help, I will bring back the glory of classic FPS games that big studios seem completely unable to do. The more support I get the better able I will be to add and implement content and features. Your contributions will have a direct impact on the quality of the final product so please donate generously. Making a high quality game is expensive and requires a lot of labor and time. With your support I will be able to contract out tasks and speed up development so we can all play it together sooner.

Not being a big corporation also mean that I can be more responsive to fan request and perhaps even accept contributions and suggestions from supporters to be included in the game. I created the public r/psymetry sub on reddit and a Facebook page for fans of the project to interact and build a community. There's also private Discord channel exclusively for gamers who support the project who will be able to interact with me directly as I work on the game. You will receive the Discord link as soon as you subscribe below.

let's make gaming great again!

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This website is a temporary placeholder. I'm working on the game right now, website comes after :)

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