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Trippy Action FPS game
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The master of weird fucked up shit!
FreemanDan - Master of Weird Fucked Up Shit!


PSYMETRY™ is a fast action, brutal and trippy First-Person Shooter game with maze levels and tons of secret areas, weapons, randomization and more. It is being developed by FreemanDan who is known for his insane creativity and expertise in all kinds of weird fucked up shit. He would likely have been fired by a corporate suit for writing this but he owns this brand completely. Ahh freedom and Independence; what wonderful things!

One of the main focus of the game is movement which is why the decision was made to go with maze-level style of environments. This kind of level design has positive and negative aspects which were weighted carefully. On the negative side, it usually doesn't look as good as the well refined realistic levels of modern games so videos and screenshots may not look as impressive. However what I found is that they are a whole lot more fun to play in because players are not restricted to realism and wild environments can be created around player movement allowing for fast exploration, insane jumps and a lot of variety and randomization possibilities. Some of the maps I made really don't make much structural sense for example, like no one would build a building like that but as far as movement is concerned it's absolute perfection! I find myself in agreement with John Romero when he said once that when players are running around a level, they really do not care about how much detail is in the texture on the walls. With that said, I do make every effort to build levels that are as visually interesting as possible but gameplay is and will remain king. I've made some pretty decent looking maps though like this screenshot for example:
Psymetry Screenshot
I do however still need to build more sets of level geometry aka themes. I've been focusing on this one set so far as I'm figuring out what parts I need and how best to build and optimize them. When I'm done with this set, others will be very easy to do. This is a very difficult aspect of game design because of 3d engine limitations. Modern engines it appears aren't really made for the kind of customizable modular environment that I want to make. I've had to remake my level geometry and test map a number of times using different approaches to work around bugs and limitations like enemies sticking to walls or going through them when hitting them too fast. My current setup fixed that problem and is very nice now plus it allows for color randomization so maps can look different on each play-through which is very cool but I've sinked so much time trying to find solutions to all those engine issues. I'd probably be ready to release the game by now if it wasn't for that time sinkhole lol. Proper randomization depends on modularity which can get expensive resource wise quickly, especially once the level gets large so I'm working to achieve it while optimizing as much as possible. I also have much work left to do on AI behavior of enemies and plan to remake the player character and weapon/inventory system to support multiplayer so we can play coop.

The PSYMETRY™ game aims to modernize and return us to the glorious days of old school FPS games such as Doom 2, Heretic, Duke Nukem and Quake where gameplay was king. It is a very ambitious project that requires quite a substantial investment of time and efforts which, as I have demonstrated, I am willing to make. I have worked on the project for a long time already and gotten quite far but to be honest it is a bit overwhelming to do it all on my own and could use some support from the community. As a lone struggling artist dev, I have to do absolutely everything myself including web design, community outreach, marketing and fund raising. While I appreciate it as learning experiences and I have become quite versatile in my abilities because of it, it is quite taxing since the game isn't producing revenues while it's under development.

Below I have setup a number of ways that you can help support me and and the development of the game. I would really appreciate it if you could contribute and help crowdfund the project so that I can remain independent and continue to push the limits of creativity. The end result will be a badass game we can all enjoy together. Like many of you I'm sure, I have been waiting for decades for a proper AAA successor to those old school fps games that never really came. Please help empower me to make this a reality. If we can get this game done properly, I have several other game projects and even movies that are even more ambitious planned for the future. PSYMETRY™ is the launching pad for a revolution in the entertainment industry! To succeed I have to remain independent because the industry is quite toxic these days so I must retain complete creative control. Artistic projects should be directed by artists! Help me shake things up with a small contribution via PayPal or Patreon preferably.

I did not set any perks on Patreon other than some exclusive behind the scene unofficial content because I do not like segregating people and restricting access behind a paywall. One for all and all for one is the philosophy I'm living by. I want everyone to benefit from the output I'm empowered to produce. One perk I can offer people who contribute though is to add your name and link to the supporters section of this website in the left menu. This way as we promote this website and project, we can also indirectly promote your work as well.

Generosity, gratitude, freedom, independence, voluntary cooperation and altruism are great values to promote and live by.

With gratitude,


Together Everyone Achieves More
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"Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics." ~Victor Pinchuk
© FreemanDan

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